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Through volunteering and spreading kindness, we strive to better our communities for women, children, and families through programs that lead to social and economic empowerment. 


“You are a “KINDNESS ANGEL” and we cannot do this without you!” ~Susan Cunningham

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As a member of the team, it is our duty to have an assigned role within our organization. These roles listed are on a first come, first grab basis.  We have both virtual & physical volunteering available. All assignments are simple & fun and it only takes a little time to complete.

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The Kindness Channel is our YouTube Channel where viewers can tune in and watch our members perform acts of kindness in the communities. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel and share our videos too! 



Dayton, Ohio resident Deanna Duncan loves her career at a local hospital, but she really enjoys spending time at The Ronald McDonald House by cooking and cleaning for the parents and children during their stay on the grounds. She also participates in our virtual runs and has donated to our kindness mobile. Thank you for being a true leader and SISTER to our cause! We love you!

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A special thanks for all of our Team Sponsors & Volunteers for your gracious donations and valuable time! Without you, we don’t exist! If you want to become a Team Sponsor, our next openings will be June 1st, 2020. Team Sponsors provide a $5 or more monthly donation for our women’s shelter, The Ronald McDonald House “Cooking With Our Friends” and our Back To School Bash. Registrations will take place at 12 AM promptly!

Drives & Fundraisers

  • Women’s Shelter Socks and Personals Drive 5% 5%
  • Back To School Supplies Drive 1% 1%
  • Children’s Medical Coloring Books & Crayons Drive 1% 1%
  •  Christmas Gift Baskets For Deserving Families Drive 6% 6%
  • Kindness Mobile Fundraiser 1% 1%
  • Kindness Angel’s Volunteer Kits Fundraiser 3% 3%
  • Ronald McDonald House Needs Fundraiser 1% 1%
  • Ronald McDonald House Donations 3% 3%

Have you donated yet? Do you & your team have a fundraiser idea in mind to help raise money for our project The Kindness Mobile? Submit your ideas by leaving us a message! 

submit your ideas to one of our Leadership members or at: submissions@thepwnetwork.org

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