Our Mission

What We Do

We are a volunteer organization that provides people power for more support to community organizations across our nation. Through volunteering and spreading kindness, we strive to better our communities for women, children & families through programs that lead to social and economic empowerment. This enables us to reach out to women everywhere to inspire and motivate them to join our “Phenomenal You Volunteer Movement”.

 This will also allow us to achieve our mission; and in turn, help our local community organizations achieve their mission! Our ultimate goal is to build a one million (+) network of volunteers needed all over the world! It doesn’t matter if you are doing this by yourself (male or female), with your family, as a team (men/women), or as an organization (men/women). We welcome you and hope you will become part of our Phenomenal Women’s Network!

The Mighty Acts Of Kindness

The Kindness Channel

The Kindness Channel is our YouTube Channel where viewers can tune in and watch our members perform acts of kindness in the communities. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel and share our videos too! 

“The beauty of our program is that we are like-minded women with one common goal:  to build our communities!”

It’s very important that you get started right away because it’s always someone’s birthday or a holiday and it’s never enough volunteering that we can do for someone.

We are on a mission to build a million (+) of volunteers and form a SISTERHOOD through our acts. We have an array of activities that you can participate in starting with our acts of kindness. Simply email us your acts of kindness and we will post them on our station.  Thank you for joining and let’s make history!”    ~Karen Burke, Admin 

Giving Back

When we volunteer, we are directly touching the lives of other human beings and this has vast implications for both the heart of the other person and our own.

Building Relationships

When we volunteer something as precious as our time, we are not only “giving” but also are engaging.

Warm & Fuzzy

The science of volunteering has been studied over and over again. Humans receive joy and our brains infuse with “happy” chemicals like serotonin and dopamine when we help other people.


The idea of helping others has always been an observance and in more modern times a representation of the community.

Serving Others

Charitable giving is, much like tax donations, an abstract and involved method of serving others, not to disparage those who give freely of their wealth.


Utilizing our time, sponsorship, products, & tools help our members obtain personal, spiritual, physical, and financial goals.

Food for the Homeless

Average retention Rating

Acts of Kindness

“Until you see see for yourselves, the volunteering needed in our communites it won’t mean much! I challenge everyone of you to do your tiny acts of kindness and you will see a major difference!”

Susan Cunningham, Founder 

“I was asked by Susan to come along for the volunteer ride… little did I know , we were on to something HUGE! Now I am the head instructor for our Spiritual & Personal Wellness Classes at the Phenomenal U_niversity!”

Nancy Hickman, Ordained Minister/Life Coach

“When I was asked to jump on board with The Phenomenal Women’s Network, it was a NO-BRAINER. I have witnessed the growth & passion that Susan has for our community! It was a big YES for me!”

Geneva Duncan, Webmaster

Do You & Your Team Have A Fundraiser idea in mind to help raise money for our Project The Kindness Mobile?

submit your ideas to one of our Leadership members or at: submission@thepwnetwork.org