Now that I’ve been exercising at home, my workouts aren’t nearly as long or intense as they were when I was working out at my CrossFit gym. I’m actually really enjoying this time to listen to my body and do the exercises I want to do. Best of all, since I’m not commuting back and forth to my gym 30 minutes a day, I’m using part of that time to stretch after my workout. Here’s the 10-minute stretching session I’ve been doing to target my entire body.

While stretching, I really try to focus on closing my eyes, relaxing my muscles, deepening my breath, and using this time as a form of moving meditation. I hold each pose for five deep breaths, which is about 30 seconds. By the time the 10 minutes is up, I feel so relaxed and mentally ready to tackle the rest of my day. I also find that stretching is helping to relieve any muscle tension or soreness the next day. After your home workout, slip off your sweaty sneakers and socks and enjoy these 10 minutes to yourself.