Women's Shelter

St. Vincent De Paul operates the Gateway Shelter for Women and Families, a 24-hour emergency homeless shelter serving single women and families with children. Men with spouses and/or children are also housed in this facility along with their families.

The shelter provides three meals daily, clothing, personal care items, mail and message services, and access to case managers who help our guests in finding appropriate housing to meet their individual/family needs.








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Birthday Round Table

 Put Yourself In Her Shoes!

The Phenomenal Women’s Network helps meet their client’s needs by providing a birthday round table to commemorate their special day!  

Think about if you were in a shelter… wouldn’t you love to feel appreciated and special even at a low point in your life? This is exactly why we do this… TO MAKE THE WOMEN & CHILDREN FEEL SPECIAL! 

We give the clients cupcakes, gift bags, and other things such as personal items and gift cards. In order to continue our mission we need to keep a stock of items on hand as well as volunteers to help make the parties a success!


St. Vincent de Paul

124 West Apple St. Dayton, OH 45202

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What You Get In Return

There is nothing like the inner peace you will receive when you give back and volunteer in your community! 

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email to Annabeth, our Local Volunteer Coordinator 

Phone: (937) 500-3272

Email: annabeth@thepwnetwork.org


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